Is Ron Paul a Real Conservative?

How conservative is Ron Paul? When you examine his positions it would appear that he is not a real conservative. He is really a civil libertarian based on his campaign positions. As a civil libertarian, he believes in the supremacy of individual rights and personal liberties over any kind of Ron Paul in Iowastate authority.

The problem for the Iowa electorate is that Paul knows which hot button issues to emphasize and which to minimize during his retail campaigning. The other candidates are on to this campaign dance and during many of the debates knew how to bait him on foreign policy, for example. If you can get Paul into a discussion on Iraq, as an example, you’re in for an eye-opening experience.

As far as Ron Paul is concerned, the Unite States has been picking on Iran since 1953. That was the year that we helped to overthrow the government of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh. The Iranians had nationalized the oil industry in Iran and the West was instrumental in supporting the military overthrow of the Mossadegh government.

That may be true but we’re talking about events that took place almost 60 years ago.  To ascribe everything that has occurred in our relationship with Iran to an event that took place before most Americans were born is almost laughable.

Ron Paul is an isolationist. Now, he may deny this and say that he prefers the term non-interventionist (Video of Paul from 2007) to describe his We had it comingposition but he believes that the United States can live in his world of splendid isolation. Can you image the implications on our foreign policy. Or as he might prefer our lack of foreign policy. Even 19th century Americans knew that we needed to interact with our foreign neighbors.

Ron Paul doesn’t believe that we should stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. This is a direct result of his non-interventionist foreign policy. Can you imagine a President Paul saying that we don’t care if the religious fanatics in Tehran lob a nuclear missile into downtown Tel Aviv?

This would set off a general nuclear war in the Middle East which would eventually cause the destruction of the oil fields and, ultimately, the world economy. But according to President Paul that would be none of our business.

Ron Paul believes in the complete legalization of drugs.In this column he points out that the War on Drugs is unconstitutional, can’t be won, and only makes things worse for almost everyone involved. The only beneficiaries are the drug barons, smugglers and dealers who enjoy exorbitant profits, and those dark forces in government who try to further suppress our freedoms under the excuse of fighting the war against drugs.

Don't StealSo with these extreme positions, why is he so popular? Many of Paul’s positions on other hot-button issues are in line with conservative thinking. He is against Obamacare and would repeal it. He is against abortions. This is really no surprise as an Ob-Gyn. He believes in tough laws and enforcement to fight illegal immigration.

His main claim to fame is his fight against the Fed. Ron Paul believes that the Fed is the main source of our financial problems. You almost get the feeling that he sees the Fed, Wall Street and the bankers as an evil cabal conspiring on a regular basis to control the United States. People love conspiracy theories and this is one big conspiracy theory.

Generally, Ron Paul believes that most everything that we as a country currently do is totally illegal. He is not a conservative in any way, shape or form. He is a civil libertarian. That doesn’t make him a bad person, but the Republicans need to understand that as a candidate he would destroy their party.