JFK QuoteHow often have you heard the following statement, “I’m really not political” in the last several years? With the increasing partisanship at the federal level of government percolating to state and local governments, it has become an increasing mantra for those who are not interested in the national debate over the direction of the country.

These individuals are often referred to as low-information voters. Others would call them the disinterested. They’re the ones who have no opinion in polls. Quite often I find myself wondering how someone could have no opinion on matters of national import.

However, our national media has a terrible habit of feeding the public information in sound bites. They seem to have decided that the “news” is no longer just the facts about important matters. They have determined that the American public is incapable of rational thought.

Instead of information on educating the voting public on how our government spends taxpayer dollars, it seems more important to have endless stories about Oscar Pistorious and the murder of his girl friend. Or the networks fill hours of airtime with so-called reality shows, such as “Dancing with the Stars”, “Swamp People” or “The X Factor”.

It seems that the media’s main goal is to dumb down the American electorate, creating the low-information voter. This type of voter is ripe for the class warfare strategy as practiced by Barack Obama. By demonizing his opposition, he has put forward a narrative that the government is good while anything that has to do with capitalism is bad.

“You didn’t build that.” This famous statement by Obama was believed by many who are more than willing to allow him to direct their thoughts and beliefs. As ludicrous as that statement was most of his supporters agreed with him. Why you might ask? Quite simply with the left dominating the American media, the public has no other outlet to consult with.

Most people will not take the time or put in the effort to learn all sides of an argument. Instead, they just take in the pablum that is fed to them on a daily basis. Life is hard enough in the Obama economy, so the low-information voter, the “I’m not really political” person will make very little effort to research the issues.

Some years ago, I lived in the Milwaukee Metro area. We had a lovely young woman as our receptionist. She was great with our visitors and our Homer Simpson, Low Information Votercustomers. When the U.S. invaded Panama, however, she couldn’t tell the difference between Noriega and Nicaragua. I asked her if she ever read the newspaper. “Sure, I read my horoscope every day.” 

I worked as an election official in the recent national election and witnessed for myself the low-information voters in action. Many were students, doctors and nurses from the University of Virginia, one of the finest institutions of higher learning in America. A university that was founded by Thomas Jefferson, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence and the third President of the United States. Yet, many of them arrived to vote with printed handouts that detailed the candidates who were running.

The low-information voters, the “I’m not really political” people were the ones who elected Barack Obama to a second term. All that they seem to care about is “What’s in it for me.” They want every kind of handout that they can get and will until the cash window is slammed shut when there is no more money available.