The WikiLeaks Fiasco

Today, WikeLeaks founder, Julian Assange, is in a British court for an extradition hearing to Sweden. He is accused of the sexual assault of two Swedish women. In the meantime, the United States government continues to vacillate on pressing charges against Assange and his organization. Documents continue to be released. The most recent batch revealed our negotiating strategy for the recent Nuclear Disarmament treaty with the Russians. In the release it has been revealed that the administration was willing to trade British nuclear arms secrets to Russia. This after the British government refused the administration’s request to do so.

Why hasn’t the Obama Administration responded more forcefully to the release of hundreds of thousands of sensitive documents? So far the only person detained is Private Bradley Manning who is currently in the Quantico Marine base brig. There are several theories why the Department of Justice has remained immobile. Giving the DOJ the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they feel that they have insufficient evidence to indict Assange. Another theory is that the current administration is inept and timid. They don’t want the rest of the world community to think badly of them. They never learned Kissinger’s first rule of power politics: the perception of power is more important than actual power. The next theory is that our leaders are incompetent. Eric Holder’s DOJ is still investigating possible crimes relating to the documents. How hard is this? Private Bradley Manning stole the documents from United States government computers. He then passed them on to (eventually) Julian Assange. The documents were stolen; therefore Assange is a receiver of stolen goods. This is not a situation where someone buys an item that is later found to be stolen. Assange was aware that the documents were removed by Private Manning illegally. Why haven’t we shut down his servers and sworn out an international warrant for his arrest. Felony theft would be a good starting point. Instead, months later the DOJ is still “investigating”. Finally, the more extreme conspiracy theorists (personified by Glenn Beck) believe that the Obama administration is doing all of the above to diminish American power.


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