Wants or Needs?

The administration has been peddling the recovery story for some time. The rubber has finally hit the road. It’s a load of crappy, crap, crap. On Friday the June jobs report showed a mere 18,000 jobs being created with 445,000 new unemployment claims. Moreover, the May report was revised downward from 54,000 down to 25,000. I.S. job growth is dead in the water. Are you surprised? Government departments at all levels are no longer hiring people because reality has hit home. There is no money available. Hiring has stopped dead. Can furloughs at government departments be far behind? Here’s a basic fact of American life. Governments get their money from taxation. Taxes are paid by private-sector workers. No workers, no taxes; it’s an elementary fact of capitalism. Obama and his anti-business policies have stopped American capitalism in its tracks. Employers at all levels: small, medium and large businesses alike, are basically conservatives with a small “c”. Job growth trails business growth. Why would they hire people without the expectation of business expansion? It feels like Obama is a child at the wheel of an 18-wheeler and he can’t reach the controls. Paul Ryan, the House Budget Committee chair puts it succinctly: Investors and businesses make decisions on a forward-looking basis.  They know that today’s large debt levels are simply tomorrow’s tax hikes, interest rate increases, or inflation – and they act accordingly. This administration has terrified American business with the incessant threat of taxation, over-regulation and general uncertainty. Their use of near-banana republic tactics by the NLRB and the EPA are unprecedented.

What can we do? At this point we’re along for the ride hoping that our elected representatives in the Congress,  state governments and local governments can deflect the worst excesses of the administration while we wait for the man on the white horse to appear. Is there another Reagan in the crowd of declared, semi-declared and undeclared Republican candidates? Here’s Reagan’s famous question to American voters one week before the 1980 election: Are you better off today than you were four years ago? At this point, more than halfway through Barack Obama’s first and hopefully only term, the answer is a resounding no. View the latest Crossroads GPS commercial (Karl Rove’s Super PAC). The statistics are startling when viewed without political spinning. The sight of Obama and two of his business supporters joking about “shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready” is sickening. While spending a trillion dollars (after interest payments) what do we have? Nothing but a lot of bills and very little to show for them but fancy signs touting the phantom achievements of a failed administration. 

Now the battle is joined in the form of the debt ceiling. The administration and their supporters are warning of imminent default if they don’t get everything that they want. If Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post is any indication, the left believes in a peculiar form of deficit reduction. Read his column from July 8th. I can only interpret it one way: get rid of the needs, keep the wants. Hollow out defense, raise taxes on the job creators and make businesses pay big time. Keep all of the programs that the progressives love and cherish. Trust me, this is the message that they’re sending to their side in this debate.

I’m a great student of history so let me frame this moment in terms of past historical events. If the British had not been slowed down and eventually turned back by 82 brave Americans on Lexington Green and thousands of Patriots later that day, this country wouldn’t exist. If our political leaders in Washington take the right road America will cease to be that country. We’re looking into the abyss here. The progressives would have us believe that a tweak here, a tax raise there will do the trick. Read Charles Krauthammer’s column from the very same Washington Post. He debunks that mytyh and tells you the real story. It’s time for us to pay the proverbial piper. Progressive policies and a culture of “wants” has put us in a hole so deep that we can’t see out. We need to start up the side for the light starting right now.