Welcome to our political blog. My name is Richard Billies and I’ll admit that I am a political junkie. I began following politics about 50 years ago when I was about 12 years old. The campaign of John F. Kennedy was the first political campaign that I followed avidly. After the election I read Theodore White’s “The Making of a President”. I was hooked. Since then I have gradually become a conservative.

For the last eight years my wife and I have lived in central Virginia. We live about 10 miles south of the city of Charlottesville, the home of Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. About 20 miles north of the city is the home of James Madison. Jefferson, of course, was the primary writer of the Declaration of Independence. Madison was the primary writer of the United States Constitution. Monroe promulgated the Monroe Doctrine. These three noted Virginians set the United States on the path to greatness. If you spend any amount of time in this part of Virginia you will be touched by the legacy that these three men left to all Americans. Although we have many artifacts that were owned by these three men the most important thing that they left to us was the United States of America.

Our country is once again at a crossroads. We have two diametrically opposing political views in our country today. On the one side, we have the Progressives who believe that the state can provide everything that its citizens need. Some would refer to these people as statists. Others would call them socialists. On the other side, we had the Conservatives who believe in limited government and low taxation. This group believes that the capitalist system has worked for America and if given the chance, will continue to work for America. They believe that any time the state interferes in the capitalist system bad things happen. Over the next several years, the philosophical battle between these two groups will set our country on its future path. America will either take the path of European socialism or the path that Founders laid out.

Please enjoy our mix of conservative political commentary and political information as we write about events taking place in the United States and around the world.